About Us


The Institute of Welding and Machining is part of the Faculty of Mathematics/Informatics and Mechanical Engineering at Clausthal University of Technology. The institute was founded in 1976 with the aim of expanding the range of services offered by Clausthal University of Technology in the fields of joining and cutting. On 01.10.2002 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wesling was appointed as chair holder and director of the institute.

Fields of activity

Process and material investigations in joining, surface preparation and cutting technology, optimization of process and production sequences as well as quality management for production plants, development of business area approaches in the basic and production goods industry, consulting and training of skilled personnel, execution of feasibility studies, operational introduction of new technologies, wear investigations, optimization of tribological systems, wear material development, processing of hard special materials (glass, ceramics, etc.), consulting and expert activities.

Main research topics

Material-physical, metallurgical and process-technical procedures for joining, process and equipment development, production of material composites (metal/ceramics, cast iron/steel, light metal/steel, light metal/light alloy), surface technology, hard material reinforced layer composites, joining of light metals (e.g. Al and Mg alloys), thin sheet metal technology, joining under extreme conditions (e.g. underwater technology), beam processes (laser, electron beam in vacuum and in the atmosphere), resistance welding, microjoining technology for microelectronics, welding consumables and welding technologies for duplex, steel and cast materials, numerical modelling and simulation of joining processes, hard machining of metallic and non-metallic materials, wear research and wear protection, production and manufacturing technology, development and introduction strategies for quality management systems in the basic materials and capital goods industry.