Joining Technology

Joining Technology

Joining technology and quality management

Contact person: Dr.-Ing. Kai Treutler, Dr.-Ing. Hennig Wiche

Fields of research

  • Material-physical and metallurgical processes during joining
  • Production of material composites (metal/ceramic, cast iron/steel, light metal/steel, light metal/light alloy)
  • Press and laser beam welding of light metals (Al, Mg alloys) Filler metals and welding technologies for duplex steel and cast materials
  • Joining technology for microelectronics


  • Arc welding processes (MIG/MAG, TIG/Plasma, UP, Orbital welding)
  • Vacuum diffusion welding machine
  • Hot isostatic press
  • Thick wire, thin wire bonder, semiconductor diode laser, cold press butt welding unit
  • Laser Vibrometer
  • Wetting balance, short time annealing device
  • welding simulation systems, melting and heat treatment furnaces
  • Optical and contact dilatometry
  • Destructive and non-destructive testing methods (instrumented notched bar impact test, tensile test with laser-optical strain measurement, resonance test, high-speed tearing machine, ultrasonic hardness tester, pull tester, shear tester, gloss angle meter, ultrasonic testing)
  • Hydrogen and oxygen analysis equipment
  • metallographic examination methods (REM with EDX, TEM, light microscope with differential interference contrast)
  • Software: Expert system "Welding of cast iron with nodular graphite" Quality database "Welding of cast iron materials" WEZ calculator Welding simulation and dilatometry program "Temper

Range of services

  • Process and material investigations in joining technology
  • Optimization of process and production sequences as well as quality management for production plants
  • Development of business area approaches in the basic and capital goods industry
  • Consulting and expert activities