TUF-FAST Tempered forming joining of metals and fibre reinforced thermoplastics; reproducible local heating of the joining zone during forming joining without auxiliary joining element

Funding: ZIM

Duration: 04/18 - 03/20

The aim of the project is the development of a joining device with integrated heating unit for joining aluminium alloys with short glass fibre reinforced plastic without auxiliary joining element. The basis of the investigations is the flat-clinch technology, which, due to the favourable triaxial stress state, also allows the joining of brittle materials by the high hydrostatic pressure and does not require an auxiliary joining element. A heating unit integrated in the tool carrier uses high-frequency heating to generate a defined temperature profile in the plastic material that is adapted to the forming process. The process design of the joining process as well as the heating with the help of numerical methods is intended to make the forming of the plastic in the joining process gentle on the material. The short glass fibre filled plastic should be formed as non-destructively as possible without thermally damaging the matrix material, so that the joint strength and reproducibility are maximised.